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May 4th, 2020

I look forward to seeing you in our office.  It has been WAY too long! Kelley Orthodontics will continue to create beautiful smiles while impacting the lives of our patients and our community. Our team trained on Thursday April 30th in preparation for the health-care modifications requested by the Governor’s office and the State Board Of Dental Examiners.

We implemented new Covid-19 policies and procedures while seeing patients ALL DAY, Friday May 1st. We had an AMAZING time taking braces off our most patient of patients. 

Here is what we are asking of you as you prepare to continue your orthodontic treatment:

1.     PRIOR to your appointment, please visit and the Patient Forms tab in the top right hand corner to submit your TWO Covid-19 forms the day of your appointment.

2.     To maintain social distancing regulations, we are limiting office occupancy.  Please text our office at 817-338-0771 upon arrival. Let us know your patient's name and the color/make of your car.  One of our team members will come out to your vehicle and accompany you or your child into our office when we are ready for your appointment.  Parents WILL NEED to join their child for new patient exams and recall appointments only.

3.     We will be taking temperatures on each patient before their appointment.  Patients with a temperature above 99.6 F will not be treated until temperature returns to normal.  I apologize in advance if we are forced to reschedule you or your child's appointment. 

4.     We have been asked to limit the number of patients we treat per day to maintain social distancing mandates. You will notice an empty chair between you and your neighboring patient.  

We love and long to a full treatment area and a lively waiting room with all the conversations and fellowshp.  We miss the energy and laughter more than you know. I am hopeful and confident with time and caution, we will be given the green light to return to full capacity. We are excited to open our doors to full time hours. Let's do this and let's do it well.

Thank you for your continued flexibility, encouragement, and support. We are IN THIS TOGETHER. 

In Christ, John Kelley  Joshua 1:9


APRIL 28, 2020

I am excited and extremely optimistic about our governor's message yesterday. The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is meeting today at 1:30 to consider this recent executive order and to make recommendations in regard to opening our offices and resuming normal business hours. We look forward to seeing each of you. We will be wise and cautious as we move forward serving our staff and patients. Thank you for patience through this Covid-19 crisis. It is my goal that we become BETTER & STRONGER because of it, as we continue to work together. YOUR safety and peace of mind is the Kelley Ortho Team's TOP priority. We will work with you to assure that you feel absolutely comfortable as we softly open our doors again. Please continue to follow us as we anticipate receiving updated information. Gratefully yours, Dr. K.


MARCH 23, 2020

We ARE OPEN AND HERE FOR YOU. As the current Covid-19 continues to develop, we are actively monitoring the situation and exercising considerate caution in the upcoming days and weeks. As a health care provider, Kelley Orthodontics is in the habit of practicing the highest level of infection control. Will you please partner with us as we continue to see patients and serve our Fort Worth community with the upmost integrity and safety?

Here is how you can help:
1. Stay home if you have any signs or symptoms of sickness, Covid-19 or otherwise.
2. Based on Tarrant County’s recommendation on social distancing, please do not bring siblings or non-patients into the office. Parents, we are not offended if you choose to sit in your car during your child’s appointment.  
3. Please follow the CDC guidelines for cleanliness and help us all protect ourselves and others.…/prevention.html…

As of March 22nd, we are limiting our appointments to emergency patients only. Governor Abbott has asked all health care professionals to partner with him in helping cease the spread of this virus. The Texas Dental Associatoin and the State Board of Dental Examiners have mandated that all dental offices limit their appointments to emergency patients through MAY 8TH. We will continue to update you as information becomes available. Please feel free to call our office or email us if you have any questions.

I appreciate your support and continued prayers as we all navigate these waters together. I pray that each of you stay healthy and find a nugget of positive in this chaotic time. With school cancelled, sporting events cancelled, mass entertainment cancelled, and a potential economic crisis on the horizon, I encourage you to creatively lean into your family. Practice intentional “togetherness”. Play games. Watch movies. Listen to incredible audiobooks. Talk and journal. Start a family Bible Study. Laugh out loud. Plant a garden. Pick up a hobby that your kids can learn on-line. I don’t know, but we have been given a temporary pseudo “shut down”. It doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. Am I concerned? Yes. Will I allow it to paralyze me or our Kelley Ortho family? No. I am committed to finding the silver-lining in these storms ahead. God is still the Lord of this jungle we call home. We will come through this stronger.

In Christ,
John Kelley




































A Few of Our Smiles

What our Patients are Saying

"John Kelley has partnered with us in transforming the H.O.P.E. Farm Boys into men. Kelley Orthodontics has the ability to help our boys develop confidence in their appearances and more importantly their characters. The Kelley Orthodontics team has been an irreplaceable instrument in the success of our program. John Kelley and the Crew… you are the best! "

"Professionalism and efficiency usually don't mix well with warm hospitality, but somehow at Dr. Kelley's office you find it blended comfortably together at every visit. Dr. Kelley not only takes his work seriously but also his relationship with you, the patient. You will not find a more friendly, helpful staff anywhere. "

"When I first found out I was getting braces, I got kind of worried, but Dr. Kelley explained everything to me step by step and made sure I knew how to treat minor pokes or pains in my teeth. They also provided me with toothbrushes and floss just for braces and taught me how to use them. The staff is really friendly and they're really good at accommodating me to where I don't miss anything big at school. Kelley Orthodontist has done a great job helping me with my braces! "

"I personally like it when I go to the orthodontist. When all the other kids at school say, 'I have to go to the orthodontist today,' the usual responses are, 'Hope you come back alive!' or 'That stinks!' But my response is, 'Who do you have?' The reason all the kids hate orthodontics is because they don't have Dr.Kelley! The staff is amazing, they don't put pointy things into your mouth, and they make the appointments quick and fast. Thank you Dr. Kelley for making a place that makes my mouth good as new!"

"We have been so grateful for Dr. Kelley's orthodontic care of our children. His kindness in dealing with our family, thorough medical expertise, and friendly office staff have made this office feel like a second family. Three of our children have been through orthodontics with Dr. Kelley, and not only are their smiles fabulous, but they even enjoy going to the office for visits. We have full confidence in Dr. Kelley's treatment of our children's individual orthodontic needs, and for one of our children in particular have seen significant progress that will likely keep him from surgery down the road. Because orthodontics requires frequent visits and check ups, we are all the more thankful for such a fantastic orthodontist and office staff to spend time with."

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