Dr. Kelley wants YOU to win 4 floor tickets to see Taylor Swift at Cowboy Stadium on May 25th.

All you have to do is snap, post, share and possibly win!  To enter contest, LIKE our page & JOIN our EVENT on Facebook.

"I heart Kelley Orthodontics!" 1.Pick up your Patient Reward Cards at Kelley Orthodontics the week of March 4th.

2. Take pictures with your card wherever you want. (Be creative - hint creative pics have potential to win secondary prizes!)

3. Post your pictures on your  Facebook wall and on the EVENT wall. Follow us @kelleyortho on Twitter and Instagram. Post photos and shout outs @kelleyortho. Hashtag all photos #KOtaylorswift.

How do you WIN:

1. Every post you make will get your name entered into a drawing for a set of 4 tickets to Taylor Swift. (Yes, the more posts the more chances you have at winning!)

2. For every 10 "likes", "shares", or "re-tweets" that your post receives, your name is entered again.

3. So you don't have a facebook or any social media? No problem,  your parents or siblings can post for you.  Make sure they mention your name in their posts.

3.  Contest begins as soon as you get your Patient Reward Card.  Contest runs March 4-25.  Winner will be announced & notified on March 29!

4. Contest is only for patients of Kelley Orthodontics. (sorry) BUT, if you are not a patient you may post for a friend who is (simply mention her name in your post).  If your name is drawn then she, the patient, wins the tickets and she can take YOU!  There is no limit to the amount of posts you can make.

If you have any questions or lose your card, see your favorite Kelley Orthodontics team member.  Good luck and "Let the Games Begin!"

When asked why he was doing this, Dr. Kelley smiled and stated, "My patients and their families are my greatest referrals.  I could put a lot of money into fancy marketing and advertising, but instead I would rather give back to those who have so faithfully given to Kelley Orthodontics.  I get a kick out of watching my patients' excitement over this contest.  I truly wish I could buy tickets for everyone!"

A Few of Our Smiles

What our Patients are Saying

"John Kelley has partnered with us in transforming the H.O.P.E. Farm Boys into men. Kelley Orthodontics has the ability to help our boys develop confidence in their appearances and more importantly their characters. The Kelley Orthodontics team has been an irreplaceable instrument in the success of our program. John Kelley and the Crew… you are the best! "

"Professionalism and efficiency usually don't mix well with warm hospitality, but somehow at Dr. Kelley's office you find it blended comfortably together at every visit. Dr. Kelley not only takes his work seriously but also his relationship with you, the patient. You will not find a more friendly, helpful staff anywhere. "

"When I first found out I was getting braces, I got kind of worried, but Dr. Kelley explained everything to me step by step and made sure I knew how to treat minor pokes or pains in my teeth. They also provided me with toothbrushes and floss just for braces and taught me how to use them. The staff is really friendly and they're really good at accommodating me to where I don't miss anything big at school. Kelley Orthodontist has done a great job helping me with my braces! "

"I personally like it when I go to the orthodontist. When all the other kids at school say, 'I have to go to the orthodontist today,' the usual responses are, 'Hope you come back alive!' or 'That stinks!' But my response is, 'Who do you have?' The reason all the kids hate orthodontics is because they don't have Dr.Kelley! The staff is amazing, they don't put pointy things into your mouth, and they make the appointments quick and fast. Thank you Dr. Kelley for making a place that makes my mouth good as new!"

"We have been so grateful for Dr. Kelley's orthodontic care of our children. His kindness in dealing with our family, thorough medical expertise, and friendly office staff have made this office feel like a second family. Three of our children have been through orthodontics with Dr. Kelley, and not only are their smiles fabulous, but they even enjoy going to the office for visits. We have full confidence in Dr. Kelley's treatment of our children's individual orthodontic needs, and for one of our children in particular have seen significant progress that will likely keep him from surgery down the road. Because orthodontics requires frequent visits and check ups, we are all the more thankful for such a fantastic orthodontist and office staff to spend time with."

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